A Ming Vase

During my first year of engineering, a senior named Amar, from the Computer Science department,  pulled me up for ragging. He engaged me in a long, pointless debate, obviously looking for clever repartee. At the end of ten minutes, his eyes already scanning the rows of other first-year girls behind me, he said,
“Nee vicharicha athreyum illallo…”
You are not as smart as I’d thought.
It stung.

More than 6 years later, the memory of it still stings.

Sometimes, I feel I am like last year’s Diwali firecrackers. They show a lot of promise – make a lot of noise… whizz and spit… but in a few seconds, they splutter and die. The onlookers are not terribly let down – just mildly surprised.
“Oh,” they say, “I thought it had more going for it!”

Like when you bite into a puffed-up kachori and your teeth snap on air because somehow, you thought it had a mash filling. But it’s just empty. Puffed-up, but empty.

Perhaps now is my turn to be mildly surprised.


4 thoughts on “A Ming Vase

    1. Yikes! No, no – this is an older blog (Oct 2012) – I edited a spelling mistake in it and it’s got posted to FB. So both blogs that are now promoted on FB are angst-ridden! 😀

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