Joy in the Morning!

TamBrahm homes smell a certain way in the mornings – and every home has its own distinct smell. When I was younger, I used to love visiting relatives’ houses on holidays, and one of the key attractions was to see what their homes smelled like!

For instance, my athai’s (father’s sister) home always smelled of freshly made sambar and my athimber’s (aunt’s husband) perfume in the mornings. Five minutes after we go in, the smell of strong coffee would also fill the air.


My paatti’s (mother’s mother) home, on the other hand, had a lot of afternoon scents: the scent of lemon rasam, my thatha’s (mother’s father) vibuthi and incense (or sambranithiri as we call them!)

I have sometimes wondered idly what our own home smelled like, but could never really identify this.

Today, SR left his wallet at home and I went downstairs to give it to him. When I walked back into the house – it smelled heavenly! There was the scent of my upma, of coffee, of incense and the lingering smell of SR’s deo.

In that one moment when I walked back into the house, it was as though all those beloved scents of the past had come rushing in.

Truly, joy in the morning! 🙂


One thought on “Joy in the Morning!

  1. No one looks at me with a straight face when I associate a person or a place or a home , with a smell.
    I am so glad am not the only freak around. 🙂

    The writing is perfect.

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