Bucket List

I spent the better part of the last 2 hours creating a bucket list of places I’d like to visit before I die. I searched for the best pictures I could find online and inserted them into this blog so that later, they would inspire me to save more money and leaves to realize these dreams. 🙂

As I tried to pen down a few lines about what fascinates me the most about each of these places, I realize that most of  it stems from the books I read and the experiences I had as a child.

1. Kaziranga  Visited in Feb 2015

Motivation – I read Arup Kumar Dutta’s thriller – The Kaziranga Trail – when I was in class 6. Not only was it a scintillating read, but it also gave me glimpses of this beautiful national park in the easternmost corner of our country.

Hope to see – rhinos and tigers in the terai


2. Sundarbans

Motivation – Premendra Mitra’s shikar stories.

Hope to see – the Royal Bengal Tiger on a cruise along the Brahmaputra with its crocodile-inhabited waters lined with mangrove forests.


3. Kumaon Visited in April 2017

Motivation – Ruskin Bond. His tales of life at the foothills of the Himalayas caught my attention first; and then, I started reading more.

Hope to see – The snow-capped Himalayas, still blue lakes, lush green forests and quiet towns with colonial-style bungalows


4. Udaipur

Motivation – Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam.

Hope to see – lakes and palaces in grand, romantic settings


5. Gir

Motivation – can’t pinpoint to a specific memory or entity; perhaps my usual obsession with wildlife!

Hope to see – lionesses hunting

Hope to hear – a lion roar


6. Bali Visited in July 2016

Motivation – 1 INR = 200 Indonesian Rupiah 🙂 Perhaps Eat, Pray Love also (just a little)

Hope to see – temples, beaches, paddy fields

Hope to get – lots of massages!


7. England – the countryside

Motivation – Began with all the Enid Blyton stories I devoured between the ages of 10 and 17; then Agatha Christie’s novels; and all the British cozies I’ve ever read and watched.

Hope to see – a quintessential English village, complete with a vicarage and market; meadows; moors


8. Switzerland

Motivation – Heidi. Both the book and the Japanese animated cartoon based on the book.

Hope to see – the Alps


9. The Masai Mara & Serengeti

Motivation – Amma used to read out to us, ‘An African diary’, a serialized  travelogue by Zachariah, a Malayalam writer, that appeared in the Matrubhumi Weekly; through his words and her voice, the many sights and sounds of Africa came alive in our dining room every week. Now, it is part of my very being.

Hope to see – the wildebeest crossing; hunts; life on the endless plains.


I’ve stopped with 9 places on my list – that gives me a vague feeling of dissatisfaction. A lack of closure.

Perhaps it is for the best – I can now start searching for #10! 🙂


Any thoughts?

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