Envious Casca

I am on Facebook and I look at the pictures and updates by friends and schoolmates.

And I am envious of them all.

Those who are still in Trivandrum – going shopping with their moms to Pothys, taking part in Attukal pongala, taking a walk along Shangumugham beach…

And those who are far, far away – vacationing in Europe and Australia and Canada, posing beside wax figures of famous people, or smiling into the camera, surrounded by white cherry blossoms…

Those who have gently swelling pregnant bellies and a husband’s arm around their waist, or an album full of baby photographs or a Wall full of clever things their child said…

And those who make clever, sarcastic remarks about marriage or share FB posters about women and freedom and no kids…

Those who are very successful in their high-flying careers, getting promoted or being sent to New York or Melbourne…

And those who quit their jobs to take up photography or quilling or baking or silhouette painting…

I am envious of them all, without exception.

Every other life glitters with the stuff of dreams or glows in the warmth of candlelight. The stars over their heads shine brighter. The music in the background, a little smoother. (Kenny G, perhaps?) The colors warmer, fuller.

I am tempted.

But not quite.

Perhaps there is someone scrolling through my Wall, even as I type this, burning with the same green flame.


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