Today, for the first time in life, I know what it is like to be a mom.

I decided to give my baby away… feeling my heart break into a thousand pieces… knowing that life will never be the same again… knowing that I will never be able to walk around my house without lingering at all his favorite spots… without hearing the echoes of his bark and the patter of his feet…

I know that he is going into a better home – to people who will love him as much as we did, if not more. He will not be left alone for any period of time – there will be a little boy, 2 other dogs, a cat and a parrot to keep him company. He will have more space to run around and no one will shout, “No, Buttons, No!”

Perhaps this is what being a parent means. This letting go of your selfish instincts and making a painful decision because even though it kills you, you know that it is in his best interests.

Like all wise, prudent, healthy decisions, this one feels shitty too.


Any thoughts?

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