Happiness is…

I was just talking to my brother on the phone. “I am feeling really happy today, da,” I told him, “Because I got so much work done. Not office stuff, but a lot of things I’d been meaning to do around the house.” I was taken aback by his response.

“You’re turning into Amma!”


“Yes. For me, a good day is a day spent doing nothing. But for her, a good day is one that is productive.” he chuckled.

That got me thinking. Am I really turning into my mother? At one time, many years ago, such a thought would have disturbed me. But today, it doesn’t. I am a little surprised, a little bemused, and a little glad. Amma is a very smart, disciplined woman, who gets a ton of things done with hardly any fuss, and if any of her prowess has rubbed off on me, I am just grateful.

A couple of weeks ago, when I was complaining to her about all the things that I needed to get done, she listened sympathetically at first. But then said, “Look,  none of these things are going to happen on their own… you need to get up and do them.” 

Today, I had a heavy brunch today and lazed around watching TV till about 4.30. While watching Sex and the City II for the twelfth time, I started thinking. “It’s already 4.30pm. We haven’t done anything much since morning. In a couple of hours, it will be dark. We will start talking about what to do for dinner, and eventually eat something. And then, the day would be over. A holiday wasted. Tomorrow, I will wake up just in time for the puja eduppu, and rush to office regretting all these wasted hours…”

This train of thought was making me feel depressed already!

That’s when I remembered what Amma had said. If I didn’t get up that instant and start doing the stuff I wanted to do, then all my gloomy predictions would come true, and I would have nobody else to blame. Without over-analyzing things, I got off my ass and started.

As of 12 midnight, I have managed to do the following, with a bit of help from SR:

  1. Vacuum the entire house
  2. Do a load of laundry, fold the dry clothes and put them back in the wardrobe
  3. Scrub and clean the kitchen counter tops and stove
  4. Clean both bathrooms, including the wash basins and toilet bowls
  5. Clean window sills, the top of my fridge and cupboards, and other nooks I tend to miss during my regular cleaning rounds
  6. Declutter our study table and TV stand, which were groaning under the weight of bills, cables, magazines, and a ton of unwanted things
  7. Sort and clear out the plastic covers we have at home
  8. hange the bed linen in the guest bedroom
  9. Take Butto for a longish walk
  10. Order groceries and veggies for the next 2 weeks

And now, I have managed to blog about everything I accomplished while listening to Kishore da.

Just reading this list makes me feel absurdly pleased. On another day, when I am feeling lethargic, I’d like to read this post again and feel motivated to get up and act.

Happiness is…

Source; Chris Piascik @ chrispiascik.com

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