The View From My Window

The View From My Window

An ant crawling up the glass.

The dull grey expanse of sky. No clouds in sight.

The tops of buildings, half-constructed.

A patch of green, rich, tempting, like velvet.

Cars gliding in, cars gliding out.

And huddles of smokers, restless on their feet,

their figures slightly bent, pulled forward by intent.

Even the cars seem sure, so full of purpose,

that I feel life is passing me by,

as I sit here, behind a piece of glass.

But I am mesmerized by the view outside my window.

Hypnotized, like one is by fish tanks and terrariums.

I go back to the pretend games of old.

Turn into a microbiologist, watching fascinated,

a petri dish teeming with life.

At that moment, I am detached from what I see.

I could be an alien instead, so great is my wonder.

Or a boy of twelve in a darkened theater,

staring at a bright, flickering scene.

Or an idler at an exhibition, passing time,

staring at the frames, seeing, yet unseeing.

Knowing inside that it all means something.

But not seeing it, growing uneasy.

My phone rings, my table vibrates.

I feel relief, like a river rushing through my veins.

“Hello?” I say, already loving the caller.

My gaze dragged back to the dark indoors.

My attention my own again.


4 thoughts on “The View From My Window

      1. Oh my! I definitely had not intended my comment to be just an url! Please do excuse my bungling. What I had meant to say the first time around was something thus:

        “Thank you for this. To me this is about one of those moments when the fog lifts momentarily and one looks around in wonder. You know, a moment of discovery (or recognition, rather). The poem made me think about something from Arnold’s Dover Beach, “the world, which seems to lie before us like a land of dreams…”. I like, in particular, “the pretend games of old”. God knows we don’t have enough of those anymore! However, it struck me as odd that your anthropologist would look at a petridish. I’d supposed an anthropologist would be the last person to do that!”

        I had typed that and then pasted a measly URL instead. Well, well…as you said, ‘by accident’ indeed! Anyhow, great to hear from you. 🙂

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